MB6-884 Sample Question


Which cost is used to estimate the cost contribution of a subcontracted activity in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Lean manufacturing?

A. zero cost
B. the standard cost of the service product used to purchase the subcontracted service
C. the last cost of the service product used to purchase the subcontracted service
D. the amount from the purchase agreement line used to purchase the subcontracted service



You need to assign service terms to production flow activity in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. What must you do first?

A. Attach at least one vendor resource to the production flow.
B. Attach a resource group containing atleast one vendor resource to the production flow.
C. Attach at least one vendor resource to the production flow activity.
D. Attach a resource group containing at least one vendor resource to the production flow activity.


2010 Microsoft Partner Award Winner Outsourcery becomes Parallels Platinum Partner

The cloud services enablement and automation leader , Parallels , today announced that unified communications in the UK and hosting provider , has become a Platinum member .
Recently named Microsoft PDF worldwide Hosting Solutions Partner of the year 2010 was in need of a new reliable and scalable to meet strong growth platform and has been selected Parallels Automation to deliver unified communications.

Parallels Automation allows you to start multiple cloud services to their customers, with time -to-market as well as providing flexibility for white-label service for its channel partners. The Parallels Partner Net program also includes support for the marketing and strategic initiatives to support ambitious growth plans.

Parallels Automation offers a complete end to end solution that automates all aspects of procurement services, supply, management and billing of cloud. The available modules are hosted Microsoft Courses Dynamics CRM, Hosted Exchange, SharePoint and Microsoft Office Communications Server, available as a pay- as-you -go subscription.

MCP Certification
“Cloud services, such as unified communications used to be out of reach for many companies because of the costs and infrastructure requirements,”, Vice President of Marketing Services Providers in Parallels. “We are fortunate to have one of the UK leaders in the field of unified communications to join our partnership program and bring cloud services to enterprise class businesses through Parallels Automation.”

Head of Hosting at said: “We believe that all companies , regardless of size and location should enjoy the benefits of unified communications to change the way they work Our partnership with Parallels will allow us to improve our business through improved automation. , and to add new services and offers for our customers . “

Joint CEO added: “We are delighted to be a Parallels Platinum partner and this means they will now be able to offer a wider range of competitive customers and channel partners services, while improving our service delivery and competitiveness global. This has also improved the relationship with Microsoft Practice Questions as Parallels allows us and our partners to easily integrate and sell additional services to customers. “

About Parallels

Parallels is a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software that optimizes computing for consumers , businesses, and cloud services providers across all major hardware , operating systems, and virtualization platforms. Founded in 1999, Parallels is a fast growing company, with more than 700 employees in North America, Europe and Asia.

A leader in the UK market in providing a range of services covering integrated channels, mobile unified communications (UC) solutions and cloud-based business of all sizes. The company has one of the broadest product offerings in the cloud for businesses around the world covering hosted software applications and unified communications solutions and professional services to customize and integrate solutions for customers.

After an investment of £ 10 million the company has its own infrastructure, state of the art data center and managed hosting services and offer Software-as- a-Service ( SaaS) IT solutions , such as hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Office Communications Server , Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and UC solutions using leading Broadsoft BroadWorks ® platform ® .
Microsoft  practice exams called worldwide Partner Awards 2010, held in Washington DC, as his “Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year. ‘ As the first hosting provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 in the UK, was also named as ‘ Microsoft Dynamics Hosting partner of Year ” and named to the President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics, an elite group of strategic partners whose sales achievement ranks them in the highest! Echelon of the Microsoft Dynamics global network of partners.

MCP Certification
A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, with a total of seven competencies, the company employs over 230 staff based in three offices in the UK. With an annual turnover of around £ 44 million, is No.1 independent UK provider of mobile enterprise solutions. Supports customer bases for Vodafone and O2, providing mobile solutions for data and voice over 10,000 and 100,000 – users. Is range of businesses committed to providing our channel partners with the ‘ most complete UC and hosted product established in the United Kingdom, all managed through a control panel?

First UK carbon neutral UC and hosted IT solutions company, and was awarded the famous ‘ Canal Company Comms Business 2010 Green Award ‘ to offset their carbon emissions to replace open cooking fires in the region of Kenya with energy efficient Rocket stoves.

9yr. old boy becomes Nigeria’s youngest Microsoft certified professional

A nine- year-old student at the School Model , Oregun , Ikeja , Lagos, Tunde Jomiloju – Oladipo , has emerged as Nigeria’s youngest Microsoft certified professional .

The best wine among the 21 students who auditioned for the bar exam in Lagos.

  • Now is a Microsoft Office Specialist in Office Word 2010.
  • Jomiloju scored 769 of 1000 in a revision in August .

In his report on the visit , the boy has built a good performance thin Share and maintenance of documents, content formatting , page layout program and reusable content , among other topics .

By the feat firm has joined the league youth Jomiloju Microsoft certified professionals , in 10 years , Nigerian Seyi Anjolaoluwa – Eye, a child of eight years, Indian and two Pakistani Lavishnashree called Arfa and Thobani .

Microsoft Certified Professional is a certification program provided by Microsoft  Corporation . The certification has been adapted to the capacity in Microsoft  Study Guides business solutions , focusing on the end client operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, among others.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Jomiloju , whose certificate has been signed by the Director Ejecutivo de Microsoft Corporation , Steven Ballmer, dados that has made ​​this no easy task , but through perseverance and hard work.He dados : “It was all so fácil , because I had tried the ‘ exam last year’ s , no I did then , but I was focused and I put in a lot of hard work ..

” At home and in school , I am always on the equipo . Mineral After school , yes I’m not doing anything , I will go to my teacher Información Comunicación Technology, por learn more .”

Jomiloju sitting for the ‘ examination when he was en Primary Five .

Relatively his experience, Jomiloju dados : ” En everything , I answered 20 questions , after answering a question A , the equipo takes you to another And sometimes , there will be a statement to skip the next question .. But the program addresses one yet to come back to those questions had previously ignored en ” .

But it was really scared after failing once to meet the short brand ?He points out that he was really a fear because of his previous experience, but was optimistic of success , because, according to him, he is well prepared .

He also gives kudos to his parents , Mr. and Mrs. Tunde – Ladipo , for their support and en infuse him the ‘ can do spirit in achieving success .

He dados : “My Mom and Dad were very favorable They always tell me to give up and eventually paid Also, they had bought the ‘ last Dell laptop en equipo Even this case , I am always fascinated Mode no equipo en …. it works and the process , and Mode de which organizes the data . ”

Jomiloju that a writer is left-handed, according to his parents , was a gifted child . He has always been enamored with gadgets. His mother, Toyin , said : ” Jomiloju since I was a child I had wanted to play with gadgets , which has never been interested in toys would collect remote controls for the TV and air conditioning, and would use them properly to their specific functions .. ”

The father added : ” Not that we would unnecessarily , but he is a bright child E ‘ multi – talented playing saxophone, he is good on the keyboard , it works very well and is a good swimmer …

” Each term , participating in school plays and contests. He also received awards in other subjects , as well as ICT. ”

Jomiloju not want to pursue a career in the proposed software / hardware as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? Detect an innocent smile , the boy nods in the affirmative.

Your school administrator , Ms. Adesimbo Banjo , who speaks with enthusiasm of Jomiloju , says his student registered firm is a tonic for the other students .

His teacher of ICT , Mr. Mathew Alo , also praises the feat Jomiloju .

He adds : ” Jomiloju taught everything needed needed to know and left as the most important of the other 20 schools in Lagos.

Her class teacher , Ms. Elizabeth Ogunrinola serious Jomiloju says their studies. She says: “Not only is good in ICT , but also on other issues, is working hard and well behaved. ” .

To Jomiloju , he does not rest on the oars again, as he says he is still going to look for other Microsoft  simulation certifications .

“I still want to sit further examination . Still do Excel and Power point ,” he says .

The New Microsoft Certifications: What Do They Mean For You?

Microsoft is abandoning a new framework for certification in the last two years and there are a lot of certifications and acronyms of stretching. A lot of people who are not sure how old certificates are assigned to the new certifications or that the way to go. This document provides a glimpse into the new certifications and how they affect IT professionals Microsoft.


According to the previous certification system, anyone who passes an exam for every Microsoft technology has become a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Even if an individual is tested on a specific technology, certification CCM designated technology that has been certified. This is a problem Microsoft has attempted to correct with the new framework. Another was that the CCM has not expired, even if the technology retire.

The new Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) replace the MCP and are directly linked to specific Microsoft technology. Currently there are at least 22 and other new MCTS certifications will be presented by Microsoft introduces new technologies. MCTS certifications will be retired when it expires mainstream product support for the product.

The ultimate goal of many CCM was to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). The MCSE certification has been the premier Microsoft Study Guides, but there are two problems has become matured certification.

First, MCSE was essentially a generic certificate has not expired. Therefore, if a person has been certified in MCSE NT 4.0, remains today an MCSE, even if no longer needed these powers.

Secondly, in order to become a MCSE, a person who has had to overcome a series of tests, each of which will be given certification MCP separate. MCSE so everyone has at least 5-7 MCP certifications and often more. E ‘became a complex system that makes it difficult for an individual to differentiate themselves in the market and for employers to determine which set of skills to a potential employee was qualified.

The MCSE has been replaced by Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certifications. Professional certifications validates the skills necessary for the successful performance and are related to job roles. They need to re-certification every three

The New Certification Framework

The new structure consists of three levels which Microsoft test questions refers to as series: Series technology, the Professional Series and Architect Series.

The initial level is the number of MCTS that enables professionals to target specific technologies and demonstrate their skills, knowledge and experience. These certifications typically require 1-3 exams and focus on a product or a key technology. They do not cover the role and powers of the MCTS certification will be retired when Microsoft ends mainstream product support for the technology. A complete list is available MCTS certifications on Microsoft website.

The next level is the Professional Series certification. Professional certifications validate a comprehensive set of skills required for successful job performance, including design, management, planning management and project operations that are contextual to the job. By allowing these skills, certification is designed to provide a reliable indicator of job performance.

The MCITP certifications replacing Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) MCSE online training, Microsoft Certified Server Administrator (MCSA), and the addition of other areas of expertise. The MCPD replaces Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) The complete list of certifications MCITP and MCPD is available from the Microsoft Web site.

The certifications Professional Series typically consist of one to three exams and have one or more prerequisites of Technology Series. They focus on a single job and require recertification every three years.

Microsoft has added a third level, the Architect Series, which is a more advanced certification that Microsoft has been in the past. Candidates Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) should have a minimum of ten years of experience in the IT industry forward with at least three years as a practicing architect. They must work with a mentor MCA and approve an oral examination by a committee Reviewing MCM. MCA certification is a certification much more difficult that Microsoft study material has had in the past, and it is more likely that relatively few professionals aspire to this certification.

MCA program consists of two series each of certificates that have multiple tracks. Include data, infrastructure, messaging and solutions. You can find detailed information on MCA certifications in Microsoft website.

Improved Testing Scenario

Initial examinations of MCP and MCSE have not been easy, but they were relatively simple multiple-choice tests. While the real-world skills have been a great advantage in passing examinations, the number of people who were able to learn the material well enough to pass the exams without having expertise in technologies and job roles. There have been some training camps that focused only on passing exams, not the transfer of knowledge of the real world. Microsoft is changing the test for the new certifications to address these problems.

They have developed a large bank of questions for exams and people will have only a subset of a particular test. Many of the exam questions are not multiple choice. They include a series of questions, including simulations, drag and drop, and more screen real questions. These questions are difficult to reproduce, so we should see less of these brain dumps exam. You can find descriptions of all the types of questions and their demo on the Microsoft Web site.

This type of testing requires a thorough knowledge about the product and experience working with technology. Even for the experienced, will probably require a certain level of self-study or training. It will be much more difficult for an inexperienced person to go to a training camp and pass all the examinations in a period of a few weeks. Boot camps can be a great way for someone with experience who has no time to study for the exam, but it will not be an easy answer for the inexperienced.

Certification Options

Individuals with previous certifications must choose an upgrade path if available. With the update, Microsoft has combined the applications of the two or three separate exams in one exam. The individual continues to cover all the technology, but since it is combined in a test that allows you to save time and expense.

The new framework provides many ways to customize a certification, but in the end you may decide to follow a generalist or a dent.

The general route for most people in space will be the MCITP Enterprise Administrator or Server Administrator. Employers look for a minimum MCITP certification as this is the certification that you have the necessary experience. Beyond MCITP, certifications technology allows an individual to differentiate.

Allow people to choose a niche has been one of the main objectives of the new framework and provide many options. A popular place in the beginning has been to earn the MCTS in SQL Server 2005, along with the MCSE on Windows Server 2003 to specialize in database administration. Another would be the collaboration with a certification of MCITP Enterprise Messaging Administrator certification MCTS SharePoint 2007 and Exchange 2007. Although niche specializations can not provide the same opportunities as a certification in general, are potentially more profitable.

Benefits of the New Framework

  • The MCITP three year refresh will drive continuous skill updates.
  • It will be easier for individuals to demonstrate their skill sets and easier for employers to ascertain in which technologies and job roles individuals are certified.
  • It allows individuals to follow a generalist path, or specialize in a single technology.

Since the new framework has been established in the field, the value of Microsoft certification will increase. The tests are more complex and focus on real-world skills. Although this requires more time and effort for individuals, over time it will increase the value of the certification. Technology certifications validates the skills required by employers and professional certifications to confirm that candidates have the skills needed to succeed in a real environment. The transition can be uncomfortable or difficult for people in the short term, but long term it will be a positive step for individuals and for the industry as a whole.

MCP Certification

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The Microsoft Certified Professional – MCP, one of the most valuable tools of individual certification available in the market, has the objective to develop and certify the technical capabilities related to software.Qualifying highly skilled staff, Microsoft wants to provide its customers with the highest level of technical competence.
The Microsoft Certified Professional identifies structured training pathways, compares individual performance with objective and terms of reference attesting to the actual learning of the concepts given.
The tests and the material for the preparation of candidates are made by Microsoft Education Services, the division of Microsoft that specifically training. Microsoft requires certification – as an indispensable guarantee of quality – at its own personal support and advice, as well as to the staff of its Microsoft Certified Solution Provider.

MCP Certified
Microsoft Certified Professional is a program of training and certification of competencies addressed to all specialists working on the Microsoft platform: site developers and complex solutions; professionals who design, implement and support corporate information systems; teachers who are engaged in formal training on Microsoft products.
The Microsoft Certified Professional also certify the quality of technical expertise on the Microsoft platform products and ensuring greater effectiveness of the company’s information system, supports and facilitates the adoption of international standards in organizations more competitive on the market today.
The certification is a working tool for the Systems Engineer, Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, responsible for the technical support, value added resellers, integrators, consultants, instructors, solution developers, creators of complex Web sites, and for all those who want to demonstrate their their technical skills on the latest Microsoft product.

MCTS Windows Server

The program also offers Microsoft Certified Professional certifications homogeneous and recognized throughout the world. Following the evolution of new technologies and establishment of new professional figures, Microsoft has recently expanded view of their certification tracks.

The Microsoft Certified Professional program is divided into seven levels of certification attesting to the specific competencies of professional systems engineering or related to the world of development.The first level is common to both paths and – chosen on the basis of an examination – is the first step down the path towards the ‘system or development-oriented.

•  Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified Professional – the first level of the program – is the certification for those who depth knowledge of specific products that is authorized to support, optimizing and customizing the use to better meet the needs of the user and the company. This qualification is obtained by passing 1 exam chosen from those available, based on the prospects for subsequent certification.

MCP Certification

Route the Systems

·  Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet credentials

This qualification provides the skills useful in the Internet: security, resource management, performance analysis, troubleshooting. These credentials, achievement of which is conditional on the passing of 3 specific tests are an intermediate step toward Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Some of the tests are in fact common to both paths.

•  Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Who gets this certification – having reached a high level of expertise in Microsoft BackOffice ® – can design, implement and support information systems based on these products. This qualification is obtained by passing exams in 6 choice among the options provided by the path.
•  Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet credentials

This level of certification prepares the definition, implementation and support of solutions based on Internet and Intranet networks (including issues of safety, database management and messaging), in addition to the creation of Web sites to achieve these credentials must exceed 3 additional tests – compared to those provided in the standard path required Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.
Path-oriented development

•  Microsoft Certified Professional + Site Building credentials
This qualification provides the skills to plan, develop and manage complex websites, database and integrated with the latest multimedia technology. Designed specifically for those who design and implement Web pages, involves passing 2 specific tests.

•  Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

The Microsoft Certified Solution Developer knows the architecture of operating systems, languages and Microsoft development tools, and is therefore qualified to perform the requirements analysis, the choice of the most suitable instruments and the actual development of the solution. The Microsoft Certified Solution Developer is able to carry out complex development projects to integration of technologies Internet / Intranet solutions multitier, distributed and COM-based. The MCSD qualification is obtained by passing 4 exams.

•  Microsoft Certified Trainer
A further level of certification, independent of the two previous routes, it is the Microsoft Certified Trainer – MCT teacher who can operate at the Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center (CTEC). An MCT is qualified to provide formal training on Microsoft products, has specific technical skills, aptitude for teaching and management skills and organization of the support material in the courses. The number of exams to pass to get this qualification varies depending on the course selected.



The advantages for professionals who attain certification are:
•    the ability to always access to the latest technical information, via a private site (http://www.microsoft.com/mcp) exclusively dedicated to the Microsoft Certified Professional (at all levels). In this area you will find the MCP TechNet, MSDN, the “Certification Update” and all listings of special events of interest to them;

•    TechNet. One year free subscription to the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer;
•    Microsoft Developer Network. One year free subscription to MSDN Level I for the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer;

•    Microsoft Beta Evaluation Program. One year free subscription to the program to receive the Beta of Microsoft products (for MCSD and MCSE);

•    logo Microsoft Certified Professional to identify and recognize the status of Microsoft Certified Professional in front of colleagues and clients;

•    the recognition of experience and technical capacity to implement and support solutions built with Microsoft products, through international certification;

•    a magazine designed specifically for the Microsoft Certified Professional;

•    invitations to conferences, congresses and special events.

•    The certification is for the version of the product and does not require any annual review.

•    The exams are challenging and based on real problems and real situations, so that candidates must seriously study before the test.

•    If necessary, the tests may be repeated. Who do not pass an exam, can compare the score-reporting, received at the end of the examination, with the help topics of preparation, to identify areas that require improvement.

•    At the Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center (CTEC), you can attend the courses officially released by Microsoft that having objectives corresponding to those of the exams, are used to prepare the specific topic chosen.

•    Microsoft Press ® has in its catalog texts and other teaching materials (Training Kit) for self-training.

•    The exams are managed by Sylvan Prometric, an independent company, in more than 600 authorized service centers throughout the world.

•    Microsoft has created the Education and Certification Roadmap (Guide to Training and Certification) in which the candidate can find detailed information on how to take exams and on all the options available to prepare properly. They also include some self-assessment test to help you test your preparation before taking the certification exam.

•    Once you have identified the exam you want to sit by consulting the Microsoft Education and Certification Roadmap, you can enroll in one of the sessions by calling toll of Sylvan Parametric